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“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”

–Thomas Paine

America is failing because “We the people” are allowing our elect to rule over us. Our elect are to be nothing more than servants to the people. When we give up our voices and allow our elected servants to be our voice, we are enslaved.

Today we have people that want to be elected servants, they sell a story to the mass, exactly what they want to hear. Our elected servants have no interest in what the majority have to say, only pretend to listen. The elected servants care only about themselves and ensuring they prosper by listening to their true controllers; whom are the corporations.

Corporations destroyed the middle-class America, infiltrated all levels of government and write our laws. We the people need to understand that the elect that run our country are only puppets, their puppets masters are/is the corporations.

 Corporations destroyed the middle-class by destroying small business, this was done by under cutting them until they folded. We the people must stand together and rebuild the small business community and steal the wealth back from the corporations. This can be accomplished by creating or taking independently owned business and placing them under one entity. This entity will have 0% say or interest in any of the businesses operations. This entity is take the smallest of business and ensure they can stand up against the mightiest of corporations. The idea is to do exactly what corporations have done to destroy small business; by returning the favor and destroy the corporations so that small business can thrive. Corporations destroyed the small business just to increase the wealth of a few at the top and to keep wall street wealthy.

Corporations infiltrated all levels of government and write our laws. When ex bankers are in charge of strategic positions in our government, you have to ask whom they favor. To change Washington, isn’t by electing people that seem to have your best interest, it’s by asking less of the elect. We the people must understand that we must strengthen ourselves in all aspects of our society. If we strengthen ourselves in our community, by all means available, the individual will have a stronger foundation which to stand. If the individual is strengthened and they began to strengthen their neighbors, and their neighbors do the same. Our communities will become stronger, which leads to a stronger city, stronger state and eventually a stronger nation.

Strengthening the individual is done by uniting together, focusing on issues and finding solutions for our community. We can control everything in our community, from politicians to corporations. If we have a common stump to which to discuss, debate, raise concerns, we can find a common solution. Solutions will come from discussing with other individuals or communities that had the same issues. We the people are the most powerful force in any government. Giving up our power to the elect is how corruption begins to rule and we become enslaved.

We the people have the power and resources to change everything in our society, education, elect, to small business; nothing is untouchable, even banks. We need to start to believe and know we are the true masters, leaders of our own government.