“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”

–Thomas Paine


Cloaked Axiom, what does It mean?

In the USA, the government is supposed to be for, of, and by the people. We as a society have lost our way and allowed our servants to rule over us. The United States was designed so that the people were their own master, we are the Cloaked Axiom of our government! Our elected officials believe we are their servants. This is all changing now that we have a true patriot and leader that understands what US stands for.

As Americans we must become UNITED and stand together to ensure a brighter and promising future. Our voice needs to become louder and stronger if we are to preserve our inalienable rights, not just for our time, but for future generations. United we will strengthen the individual and our communities, we will build stronger foundations.

After every storm there is a rebuilding process, this will mark the beginning of a new era. We will have the opportunity to restore America as it should have always been. We will rebuild America with the mindset of a more perfect society. Perfection will never be obtainable, but as long as we make today better than yesterday, the future has no choice but to be more perfect!

Cloaked Axiom will be a new media platform that puts the user as its number one priority. The goal of this site is to strengthen the individual and their communities. As an ordinary middleclass American, this site will have to be built in steps. As the site grows, more tools will be developed and implemented.

First step: building and designing

Taking two platforms and combining them into one f-book+twit

-This will give you a family and friends side and a community side

              Only family and friends will be allowed to see your personal page.

              The community side will only what you display as you do on twit

*Look for more info as the site is being developed.

**NOTE: A security platform will be developed as the site grows, it will protect your data better than anything out there now! It will also evolve beyond online.