Sharing and spreading the word of cloaked axiom will be essential to the success of this site.


“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”

–Thomas Paine



Why Cloaked Axiom?

The ideas:

Create to focus on the individual and with the individual idea to grow the site.

Create a stronger foundation for the individual and develop the ultimate security for protecting personal data.

The data collection and storage will eventually be in the hands of the user.

              *The security development will come after the launch of the site.

              ** I am amongst the majority, I am in the middleclass and cannot develop this on my own.

This site will have limited censorship, obvious things will be censored. Now if the community believes strongly something was censored and shouldn’t be, you can reverse it. This site will only be backed by the individuals! No corporations, no investors, no one to answer to but the individual!

This site will be able to even the playing field for all to run for any political office, without the absurd cost by the current system.

Advertising on this site will look to the ma and pa shops of each community. Reducing overall cost for them and being able to directly interact and communicate with their customers.

Personal pages, you will have full control of the content. Think of FB, Twit, message boards, polling and much more

News from all around the country, brought to you by independent investigate journalist, independent news sources. Individual will be able to rate their honesty!

Think big, then think bigger!

There is no end to what this site can be! When we work together, we will be indestructible, we must stand united!